Thought Sculpture


Most of us feel like we’re 'always' thinking, but in reality much of our mental life happens in the subconscious.  Even if you’re setting goals and making plans it’s often the thoughts you don’t know you’re having that run your life.
Most of our subconscious programming comes from the first seven years of our life. From the last trimester of pregnancy to age seven we exist mostly in the theta brain wave state - the most receptive space for the subconscious mind. As we get older scientists estimate we run on autopilot 90-95% of the time, looping the same patterns and beliefs without even realizing.
This is why finding ways to tap into, re-program and re-link our conscious mind to our subconscious can be such a powerful way to make changes in how you think, feel and act.
So how can you start? The following are the key principles of scientific and holistic practices:
1. Slowing the waves – the first step is about de-exciting your brain and moving from a beta (alert/working) state to a theta (drowsy/ideating) state (when your subconscious is the most receptive). 
2. A new film – then it’s about knowing how you’d like to be or feel and creating a detailed mental image, the new film you’d like to run.
3. Playback - and finally you need to play this new film over until it takes hold in your subconscious. Creating a ritual around it can help immensely so focus on the same time, space & scent.

You can do this practice your own using meditation, journalling & visualization or you can be guided like this deep imagining by Free & Native.

Emily L'Ami