Theta Scents


Throughout history certain scents have been revered for their ability to bring us into a relaxed meditative state. The latest olfaction stimulation tests have now not only confirmed their role but also shown us how & why they work.

By measuring brain wave activity scientists have found that slow wave & theta activity significantly increase during exposure to particular scents such as frankincense and lavender. Breathing in these scents showed changes in blood pressure, muscle tension pulse rate & brain activity.

Frankincense, the aromatic resinous beads from the Boswellia tree, has been found in Tutankhamun's tomb & is called the scent of god.  To smell this precious scent try our L.A. Woman perfume oil which features a wild harvest frankincense as a key base note.

Lavender is perfect to use before sleep because it helps move you quickly into the restorative sleep cycle (between 8pm & midnight). Try it dried in our Aromatherapy Eye-Pillows or distilled in our Calm Ritual Oil & Calm Ritual Spray

Emily L'Ami