Recipes for Joy


Many of our deepest scent memories come from food & of those, vanilla is the most universally comforting. The science of mood-mapping (which measures the mood associations of aromas) shows vanilla triggers feelings of relaxation & joy.

Vanilla comes from a type of orchid that can only grow 10-20 degrees either side of the equator. Each flower is hand-pollinated to grow the prized vanilla pods which are filled with aromatic vanilla paste. Look for pods that are plump & a little pliable & store them in a cool dark place.

Try one of these recipes to gently scent your life with the sweet smell of true vanilla.

  • Vanilla baking: these whole vanilla bean cookies from 101-cookbooks or add the seeds of one fresh vanilla pod to this vegan one-bowl vanilla cake

  • Vanilla scented coffee: Put your used vanilla pods in with your coffee beans or tea at home to gently perfume your morning cup

  • Vanilla citrus body-scrub: mix together 1/2 cup coconut oil, 1/2 cup fine white sugar, the vanilla pod from your baking and a few drops of your favorite citrus essential oils. Store in an air-tight jar for a beautiful all natural moisturizing exfoliator.

Emily L'Ami