Cherished Discoveries


Every year without realizing it we chalk up our own discoveries. Some big, some small, but all personal & special. Maybe we read an author who helps us see things in a new way, maybe through pain we're forced to find a different approach to our own mind, maybe it's as simple as an ingredient that gets us excited about cooking again. So before the year's out we want to share a few discoveries from us & our friends because...

It's life that matters, nothing but life - the process of discovering, the everlasting and perpetual process.'  Dostoyevsky

2018 Cherished Discoveries

  • Sydney mediation teacher & founder of The Broad Place, Jacqui Lewis - my big discovery was a love of road-trips & camping, everything about it is challenging & utterly amazing at the same time. Also the Kajitsu playlist to write to!

  • London based founder of cult eye-wear brand Zanzan, Megan Trimble - this has been a big year of challenges. With so much happening outside of my control I figured the one thing I could control is how I look after myself. It always comes back to the simplest daily rituals. Also, a friend gave me the book Radical Acceptance which has been endlessly insightful. 

  • Melbourne founder of online space for wellness, work & creativity Self Practice, Lauren Trend - this year I’ve learnt that forging deep connection in the face of unwavering (surface level) contrast is magic. That as cliche as the saying may be, opposites do in fact attract. Commonality is wonderful, but when we can remain tall in ourselves; values, beliefs, practices - surrounded by those who don’t believe what we do, act how we act, and share our same practices - this is Self Actualisation 2.0 And in celebrating other peoples differences, whatever they may be, I have inadvertently afforded myself a personal freedom I’ve been searching for, for years. 

  • Los Angeles based founder of raw manuka honey ACTIVIST, Gabrielle Mirkin - 2018 has been the busiest year of my 35 years here on earth. Between launching our family business ACTIVIST, keeping my day-job as an art director, raising my young son Cisco & trying to navigate all the ins-&-outs of a woman's life at this stage. I've made a cherished discovery in the book Gift from The Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. This book is a treasure of meditation on youth & age, love & marriage, peace, solitude & contentment, written more than sixty years ago. So my 2018 discovery is to take more alone time to find that inner stillness while not feeling the need to justify myself.

Emily L'Ami