Creating a Joy Loop


This five minute evening ritual is a simple way to build a foundation of joy in your life. With two simple steps your subconscious will learn to scan for the beautiful moments in your day & you'll become finely tuned to the tiniest of pleasures.

An Evening Ritual for Joy

  • Before bed: scent your space with a calming fragrance (burn our Calm Ritual Incense, diffuse ourCalm Ritual Oil or light your favorite scented candle) 

  •  In a journal: note down three things you enjoyed in your day. Your mind might rebel at first, but keep going, scanning through your day looking for anything big or small.

 By using a calming scent you'll de-excite your nervous system and deepen the ritual's link to your subconscious. And with each positive memory you recall your body will send out a little serotonin making you feel good & training your mind to actively look for the best in the new day.

Try this evening ritual for the next month & see how it goes. No pressure, no right or wrong, just a few minutes a day & a little curiosity.

Emily L'Ami