Cultivating Joy


You may notice yourself feeling tired, overwhelmed or anxious. Simple moments that used to bring you joy are harder to come by and there's a a little bit of you wondering where you went? Although joy's an innate human quality, it can easily get lost amongst daily life & our mind's protective habit of 'looking for the negative'. 

'Joy is an attitude of the heart.' 

Cultivating joy in your life requires the constant deepening of two fundamental threads - self expression & connection. Our need to better bring into focus & share the things we care about is the primary drive for self expression. By developing our self expression through work, hobbies or aesthetic activities we give shape and meaning to the things we value. Connection on the other hand helps us better understand ourselves & each other. Regular, focussed time alone & with those we love is key to moving us away from loneliness & isolation towards acceptance & love.  

With some understanding of how joy works we can hopefully all grow a little more of it in our lives.

Emily L'Ami