Hope is a Forward Movement


Hope defines us. It's a state of being, a way of moving through life that determines not only what we'll achieve but how much we'll enjoy the journey. 

'Everything that is done in this world is done by hope.' Martin Luther King
Contrary to popular belief hope isn't a character trait or equivalent to optimism & wishing. In 1991 the eminent psychologist Charles Synder developed the Hope Theory which shows hope consists of two things - self belief (agency thinking) & the motivation to find paths to your goal (pathways thinking).

After studying low-hope vs high-hope individuals across a range of scenarios, from academic success to trauma recovery, they found hope is a significant predictor of success, increases creativity & literally helps your body heal. In one study of top athletes hope was found to be more important than training, self esteem & confidence.

Hope thinking is also self reinforcing - if you believe something is possible your mind sets to work finding ways to get there, which increases your chances of success, makes you feel empowered & sustains you when a path doesn't work out.

In Greek mythology Zeus sent Pandora to earth with a box she was never to open. Temptation finally won, & when she opened the box all of humanity's curses were released & all of humanity's blessings escaped apart from one - hope. 

Emily L'Ami