Avoiding Stagnation


Stagnation accumulates in our thinking and our body through any kind of repetitive restrictive action. It can manifest in our mental & physical patterns as a feeling of cloudiness, dullness, listlessness, fatigue, & heaviness. In Chinese medicine stagnation is held in the liver which maintains the free flow of qi or vital energy in the body.

We're all in a constant state of renewal so to avoid stagnation & instead create a cycle of fresh new energy here's a few things to try:

  • Eat: things that grow upwards (think leafy greens) & things that taste sour (this stimulates the liver - think lemon, chicory tea & matcha)
  • Move: any kind of movement but especially yoga postures that compress & release the abdomen like forward bends & twists
  • Scent: cleanse your space with purifying & refreshing scents that tap into your subconscious 
  • Give: do something for someone else or give to something you believe in - it's the best way to move energy forward.
Emily L'Ami