On Taking a Life Sabbatical


The current life trajectory goes something along the lines of: learn for 20'ish years, work for 45'ish years, relax for 20'ish years. But what if you tried doing things a little differently? What if you interspersed some extended time-out through your working life in the hope of being more creative, productive & happy?

That's what people like Ferran Adria, Stefan Sagmeister & Elizabeth Gilbert have done, with results well beyond their dreams. Chef Ferran Adria took five months off every year to research & experiment, resulting in his restaurant ElBulli becoming the most creative & celebrated in the world. Stefan Sagmeister became one of the world's most well known designers for his TED talk & book about what he learnt from taking a year long sabbatical. Not only did it give him a renewed love of design, it's also been so financially beneficial he now takes a sabbatical every seven years. And of course Elizabeth Gilbert is the writer she is today because she took a year off which sparked her most famous book Eat Pray Love.

Perhaps taking some time to follow what feels good could be the most productive important work you ever do.

Emily L'Ami