The Bodha Evolution


When we started Bodha I was full of hope, fear & so many questions 'will this ever work?, who do I think I am to do this?, will anyone like it?'. Four years on and we're excited & grateful to share our next evolution - a full redesign of our brand & packaging launching next month.

In a way, this evolution is more of a returning to. We created Bodha because we believe nurturing a sense of connection to yourself is the most fundamental thing you can do to be happy. The redesign began with us wondering 'what does our mantra come back to yourself look like? & how can we bring this feeling to life?'. 

After researching all sorts of conceptual shapes & symbols we landed on something simple & timeless instead - an illustration of someone enjoying a moment to themselves. Turned inward & reflective she holds a soft scented rose, the highest vibrational flower (& my forever favorite). 

Thank-you for being part of this journey with us. Keep an eye out for new Bodha coming soon & in the meantime save 20% off our entire current collection with the code  'evolve'.

Emily L'Ami