A Scent Dinner


Welcome to our first ever scent dinner. A meal designed around classic perfume categories, in collaboration with Michelin star restaurant Orsa & Winston.

Ever since I tried smoking potatoes with incense (see recipe below) the idea of a whole scent-based meal has been rolling around in my mind. Then I met Betty at perfume school and we bonded over a shared love of scent & food. Betty's written some of my favorite cookbooks, was a food editor for the L.A. Times and her chef husband Josef Centeno owns three of LAs most beloved restaurants. Together we've been mapping out a meal to help you learn about & experience classic perfume categories through a tasting menu, aromatic beverages & hands on scent materials.

We've sourced many ingredients from GrowGood, a non-profit regenerative urban-farm that provides educational opportunities and fresh produce to L.A.s largest homeless shelter. And a portion of profits will be donated to continue the development of their perfume garden.
Ceramics for the scent materials are being hand-thrown by our lovely neighbors Kristin & Noah.

So come along, eat, drink & smell things with us!

A Scent Dinner
July 28th
Orsa & Winston
Los Angeles

Five courses
designed around classic scent profiles

Tickets available here - dietary restrictions accommodated.
Keep an eye on our instagram and Orsa & Winston for more details.

Emily L'Ami