New Bodha Collections

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Introducing three new Bodha Collections designed to bring some ritual, calm & luxury into daily life. We know you want to buy thoughtful gifts for the people you love so we've made it even easier with bundle pricing, personalized wrapping & shipping anywhere in the world.  

1. The Ritual Collection: A great introduction for anyone new to the ancient art of incense. Two boxes of Smokeless Ritual Incense in our best selling scents of Calm & Ground combined with the perfect simplicity of our polished brass Ritual Incense Holder.
Usually $88, as a collection only $79

2. The Calm Collection: Need we say more? Everything you need to bring a sense of calm into your daily life with the therapeutic benefits of lavender in three ways - a box of our lavender scented Calm Ritual Incense, an Aromatherapy Eye-Pillow filled with lavender & chamomile flowers, and a Ritual Oil Diffuser & bottle of Calm Ritual Diffuser Oil made from lavender flowers, wild geranium & Californian sage essential oils. 
Usually $198, as a collection only $178

3. The Luxury Collection: A beautiful sensory experience of cashmere & natural perfume. Release facial tension & calm the mind with the softest Cashmere Aromatherapy Eye-Pillow then roll-on the feeling of warmth, space, light & infinite possibilities with our L.A. Woman Perfume Oil, an all-natural floral citrus with a hint of spiritual smoke.
Usually $156, as a collection only $138

Free gift-wrapping including a hand-written card available with any order. Shipping $5 within the US & and only $10 anywhere else in the world. 

Happy Holidays!

Emily L'Ami