Sensory Ecology


Sensory ecology is a relatively new field of scientific study looking at how different species experience the world based on their unique sensory systems.  Our perceptual world (also known as the umwelt) is created by the information we process through our senses. As humans we're experiencing the world as taste, sight, touch, sound & smell while other animals are experiencing it as vibration, magnetic fields & temperature. 

Sensory ecology allows us to peer into the perceptual worlds animals inhabit. For example, put a pollinating flower under ultra violet light and you'll see patterns to guide the bee that are invisible to our eye. This kind of understanding offers us new ways of looking at the world which is particularly important when it comes to managing our impact on animal habitats. If we can better understand how different animals are experiencing an environment we can ultimately improve the enjoyment of all living things sharing this earth together.

Emily L'Ami