The Big Unwind


It's time to relax, reflect and reconnect but how? After going non-stop all year it can be kind of difficult to do, so we wanted to share a few of our favorite things to read, listen to, watch & eat to help ease you into the big unwind & inspire you for the new year ahead. 


What is the shape of a life? This is the central question of one of our favorite books & the perfect holiday read Gifts From The Sea, Anne Morrow Lindberg's musings on youth & age, love & marriage, peace, solitude & contentment. For something even more meditative we love The Snow Leopard, Peter Matthiessen's personal journey inward as he treks deep into the Himalayas in search of the snow leopard. And for a little musing to start or end your day we love Jeff Kober's 'Thought for the Day' emails.


For an inspirational watch Civilizations explores thousands of years of visual culture across the world & if you haven't already seen Planet Earth II  this is the most incredible & intimate filming of animals ever! And for a longer watch this documentary about the life & inspiration of Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto is contemplative & beautiful.


If you don't have a daily meditation practice this interview with Andy Puddicombe, the founder of the Headspace, could inspire you to start. His personal journey and thoughts on how to live a more connected and contented life are practical & universally applicable. And if you've ever wondered what it would be like to live without the constant voice in your head this interview with Dr Jill Bolte Taylor is for you. After suffering a massive brain hemorrhage she lost the use of her left hemisphere and was suddenly able to deeply connect with the energetic feeling of every moment and interaction. 


Holidays equal time and time is the key ingredient in our favorite new cookbook the Noma Guide to Fermentation. It's a practical guide to everything from fermented blueberries to home-made miso. For some easy holiday baking we make these sparkly cookies every year - something about the smell of ginger just feels festive. And over the holidays we like to take a break from coffee so we swap in antioxidant rich matcha with a spoon of our favorite manuka honey.

 Thank-you so much for being part of our year.
We hope you've had a great 2018 & we wish you every happiness for the holidays & your new year ahead.

Emily L'Ami