Mid-Year Self-Care


If the mid-year crunch has got you mindlessly rushing through your self-care this is for you. Making space for skincare rituals create a positive vibration that affects how you look, and most importantly, how you feel.

Fran Miller has been pioneering pared-back luxurious skincare rituals since 2014. Her approach to skin is effortless, classic & pure and here she shares her mid-year skin reset with us.

'Tune into how your body is feeling - the muscles in your face, you skin, hair, nails. This is the perfect time to adjust if need be.

Introduce a new ritual or allow 10-20 minutes of weekly time for something that feels indulgent and clears stagnant energy.

I often turn to:
- warm baths with
therapeutic oils or salts
- gua sha facial massages with focus on area of tension
- dry brushing
- regenerating facials.

A one-week product/make-up detox is also a great way to re-set, reassess your skin's needs and let it breathe.'

Check out Fran's cult fave Face Oil and full collection here.

Emily L'Ami