Questions for Mid-Year Malaise


Asking yourself the right questions is a life skill. A good question can shift old patterns & open up space for new possibilities.

Leigh Patterson, founder of the Moon Lists uses a set of questions inspired by a deeper way to being, to explore ways of gaining perspective on the present. For this month's newsletter Leigh shares five questions for mid-year malaise. Ask them to yourself, ask them to your partner, share them with friends.

1. Traveler's Eye - What in your life did you look at with the perspective of a traveler - with open eyes & a willingness to experience?

2. Cool Off - What can you make easier (or have you made something easier)?

3. Re-Heat
- What did you bring back, re-ignite, burn down?

4. Freedom vs Prescription - In what places did you seek freedom? it true freedom or freedom that fits within a prescribed set of rules of what the world really means?

5. That's It!
- What did you just flat out LIKE? Not because it was cool, engaging, opportunistic, or on-brand. You laughed, you felt something, you moved forward.

To learn more about the Moon Lists check out Leigh's interactive workbook & ongoing interview series.

* Artwork Luna Fossil IV 2010 by Sarah Blood -

Emily L'Ami