How to Eat


We all know there's piles of dogma, rules, theories & advice around eating. But the majority of it, fueled by an industry trying to sell you more food, focuses on what we eat, rather than how we eat.

How you eat - your rituals, feelings & the environment you eat in, are just as important. Often when we eat we're wanting more than food, we're craving a connection with our senses, ourselves & others.

'We have succeeded in creating all sorts of delicious things to eat, but less so in what we really want - understanding, tenderness, closeness.' - Alain de Botton.

It's been shown that practicing simple rituals before you eat makes the meal more flavorful & enjoyable. And it's significantly easier for your body to absorb nutrients & process waste when you feel relaxed & present during a meal.

Rituals For Eating Well
- take a deep breath
- give thanks
- smile

Let eating become your new daily ritual of connection & care for yourself and the ones you hold dear.

Emily L'Ami