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Ally Walsh, Canyon Coffee

Ally's a Wilhelmina model & the co-founder of our favorite morning cup Canyon Coffee. Her approach to life is open, intuitive & full of love - in other words, she's magnetic.

When do you feel most powerful?

I feel powerful when I make something happen or bring something to fruition out of my own will. It could be anything from achieving a goal for the company or traveling some place I have always wanted to visit although, usually that feeling doesn't come until I reflect on what I've accomplished.  I also think that feeling powerful comes from saying 'no' to things in order to make time for myself.

When do you feel most vulnerable?

In private, usually! Those real conversations with the people you love most. When your words are rooted in the deepest, strongest feelings and emotions you carry. 

I think allowing yourself to be vulnerable is what brings the best opportunities for growth. Those times when you do things that don’t feel comfortable, but you know it’s right. I think I’ve had a lot of those moments as we’ve started our business, stepping into new roles and wearing new hats. 

How do you reconnect with yourself?

I think I depend a lot on rituals for this. Staying grounded and connected to yourself is a daily thing, even hourly. So any time I make coffee or tea or take a bath I’m giving myself the opportunity to be present. I also create the space for more dedicated silence and reflection to face myself. That usually comes in the form of yoga, a walk on the beach, meditation, or a hike in the mountains.

What's your favorite sense & why?

That’s tough. I’m grateful for all my senses! I think I’d have to go with smell though. Smell is so powerful. It’s amazing how it can instantly bring up such vivid memories, old and new.

I love the anticipation smell brings. The smell of food cooking (curries, spices, cookies in the oven! our lentil soup) or a summer barbecue. Peaches, because they remind me of my grandparents, who would put them in their wine! The smell of coffee. The smells of the seasons. The smell of the mountains when we hike, the fennel growing in the canyons. Evergreens make me think of my dad. When he had his nurseries, he always smelled like Christmas trees. I love smell because it can bring these memories to me so clearly on a moment’s notice.