The Incense Island

Incense Island.jpg

Incense is the original & most ancient form of perfume. For thousands of years it's been used in personal & shared rituals to connect with spirit, set intention & create space.

Incense is also where Bodha began & this week we return to Japan's 'incense island' to meet with generations of makers. Considered the birthplace of Japan the legend goes that in the Edo period the Emperor decreed the island would be the home of incense. The incense makers here date back hundreds of years with knowledge passed through generations in an unbroken line. Today over 80% of Japanese incense continues to be made here.

Guiding incense (Ko) culture today are the 15th century 'Ten Virtues of Ko' which set out the benefits of proper incense use including - 'it sharpens the senses', 'it awakens the spirit' & 'when there is little, still one is satisfied.' And Kodo (the way of incense), the traditional incense ceremony where you learn to 'listen' to the scent.

We'll be sharing info & pics from our time on the incense island here, so if you have any incense related questions let me know & we'll try and cover them while we're there!

Emily L'Ami