The Energy of Home


We all know the feeling of being in a home with good energy. A sense of comfort & ease that's universal & at the same time deeply personal.

All ancient cultures have a system for explaining the energy of a space, the most well known of which is Feng Shui. Dating back thousands of years Feng Shui believes everything has its own energy (chi) which needs to be considered & balanced for optimal health, happiness & abundance.

At it's most simple, good energy in the home is achieved by allowing energy to flow. Blocking energy, or having it rush through say, a long empty corridor, can create negative emotions from stagnation to anxiety. The other key aspect is balance. Every object, color, material and even scent, relates to one of the key elements of nature (earth, metal, fire, wood & water) and needs to be in harmony with each other. What might sound esoteric is in reality simple and common sense - fresh plants (wood), incense (fire), ceramics (earth), white walls (metal) and an image of the ocean would be an example of a room in balance.

'One of the most meaningful activities we're ever engaged in is the creation of a home.'
Alain de Botton

Emily L'Ami