The Meaning of Home

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During our recent trip to Japan we were lucky enough to spend an afternoon with Tok of Truck Furniture. Over the last 15 years Tok & his family have created a unique approach to life that inspired us to think a little differently about how we arrange home, work & community. So with that in mind here's a look at a few families forging their own ideas of home in the hope of a life well lived.

Tok & Hiromi of Truck
On the outskirts of Osaka you'll find the home/work/community space of cult furniture brand Truck. After a surf trip to Noosa, Australia 15 years ago Tok, a furniture maker & his wife Hiromi an illustrator, began to rethink the life they'd assumed for themselves. 'We began to have a vague conception of something we had not previously considered, what it might mean to have a rich life.' When they got back to Japan they bought a piece of land and began building their dream from scratch. Today their compound consists of multiple buildings linked by shaded walkways & surrounded by trees that includes their home, Tok's office, Hiromi's studio, the Truck workshop, the Truck shop and a cafe/restaurant.

Ivano & Kyre of Pretziada
After living and working in cities their whole life, creatives Ivano & Kyre felt like they were struggling to think. In a move their friends & family considered crazy they uprooted from NYC and moved with their two children to a tiny village on the island of Sardinia. Having what they describe as 'metropolitan souls' they knew they knew they needed to figure how to blend country & city life, so they began Pretziada. Working with local craftspeople Pretziada create modern pieces for the home which they present in cities 3-4 times a year.
'The silence that you gain helps you find your voice'

Jesse & Lucas of Jesse Kamm
Early on in the life of cult womenswear label Jesse Kamm founder Jesse Kamm was feeling burnt out and realized it was up to her to create the life she needed. For Jesse, Lucas and their son Julien, home is two thirds Los Angeles and one third off-the-grid in the jungle of Panama. Jesse and her husband arrange their work and finances carefully to make sure they can have this time to 'restart' each year.
'My life is luxurious, but not in the way most people see luxury. It's luxurious because I have freedom, and to me that's wealth'

Emily L'Ami