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Tara Sowlaty, How You Glow

Tara's the co-founder of cult lifestyle blog How You Glow & has just launched her latest project The Crystal Manifest. She literally glows with an infectious positivity and generosity that knows no bounds. 

When do you feel most powerful?

When I am thriving in all aspects of my life simultaneously. Finding the balance between it all - work, love, friends, family, and self - is so powerful. There is a definite sweet spot, and that's my favorite place to be.

When do you feel most vulnerable?

When I push myself into new endeavors. I really believe if something is challenging or scary it's worth it, so I really try to relish in the vulnerability. I remind myself that it is a sign of growth. 

How do you reconnect with yourself? 

I love rituals with myself; they let me reconnect and recharge to my source intuition. I love Bodha's incense and use it all the time in my home. Scent is such an important part of my self-connection routine. After lighting incense, I take time to breathe, meditate, and stretch. It's a total mind-shifter for me and allows me space to connect with myself on a consistent basis.

What's your favorite sense & why?

A magical combination of all the senses. Each enhance the other - sight, smell, taste, & touch make this world a vibrant adventure.