Meredith Baird, Nucifera

Meredith's the founder of Nucifera aka 'the Balm' our favorite all-natural moisturizer that smells amazing! She's also an incredible raw food chef & the best person when you need a natural wine recommendation or someone to share a glass with.

When do you feel most powerful?

When I feel clear, creative, and inspired. 

When do you feel most vulnerable?

When my emotions are heightened for no particular reason, and when my negative or worry wart mind takes over.  

How do you reconnect with yourself? 

Alone time in the form of a bath or laying in the sun is my favorite. And if I'm not alone, a long walk always works wonders. 

What's your favorite sense & why?

Aside from sight, which I think is probably the most useful (debatable), and nothing in the world could replace seeing my daughter - I am absolutely most driven by smell. It is my most keen sense. Scent is connected to so much and says so much about a person, place or experience. The memories that it can bring up is so fascinating. 

All of my work and passions are connected to scent. Skincare, food, wine, travel ... my family. The list goes on.