Megan Trimble, Zanzan

Megan's the co-founder of our favorite frames Zanzan. She's humble, generously cheerleads other women in business & has a unique eye for timeless sytle.

When do you feel most powerful?

When I feel content. When my mind is stilled and calm descends that's void of worry or anxiety. Inner peace is powerful. 

When do you feel most vulnerable?

When I swim in the deep blue surf in Australia. My imagination goes wild with what lurks beneath. I love an ocean pool or the bath-like Mediterranean for comfort! 

How do you reconnect with yourself?

By doing anything alone. I need it. It could be spent doing something mundane like tidying while I listen to a podcast but as long as I don't have to speak to anyone. 

What's your favorite sense & why?

Definitely smell. I love how memory and smell is entwined and can instantly transport one to a different place. I love how a hot night carries the smell of jasmine or frangipanis.