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Marta Buda, Marta Katarzyna Buda

Marta's a textile designer and maker known for her incredible woven bags. She has an innate eye for simple beauty that instantly connects with something deeper in us all.

When do you feel most powerful?

I feel best when I am motivated, healthy and when my mind is clear. 

When do you feel most vulnerable?

I feel vulnerable all the time! I only think of this as a negative thing when I feel emotionally crippled from a bad interaction with somebody. I don't think my sensitivity is always a bad thing but if I am over tired or stressed I can't manage it as well and that can affect the rest of my life.

How do you reconnect with yourself?

Having a family means that to reconnect with myself I have to consciously make an effort to remove myself and take time out. It's not easy to find space to do that so the simplest thing I can do to re-energize is to go for a walk - preferably in nature. Just forcing myself to disconnect and move my body always has such a positive effect on my wellbeing. I also love Yin yoga and the way I feel after it.

What's your favourite sense & why?

This is really hard, I don't know how to choose one! Obviously, scent is one of them - it is so important to our memories, our taste (which is another of my favourite senses!) and can even dictate who or what we are attracted to. It can change and lift your mood immediately - like taste - what would we do if we couldn't taste or smell, how sad that would be.