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Lacy Phillips, Free & Native

Lacy's the creator of cult holistic living blog To Be Magnetic & a manifestation guide with a waiting list that stretches for months. She epitomizes 'practice what you preach' & is one of the most generous people you'll ever met. 

When do you feel most powerful?

When I've grounded myself, practiced self-care, and when I've drawn my energy back in. Recently that's meant barefoot walks in my front-yard and Vedic meditation for grounding. I've also been using the cashmere eye-pillow while I carry out neuroplasticity re-programming during Deep Imaginings. And alone time is always my medicine.

When do you feel most vulnerable?

When I open my heart. For me that is loving whatever is coming up for myself. Forgiving whatever I didn’t know in the past that I know now. Giving those growing pains space and love. And also practicing compassion and empathy for where others are coming from. Allowing them space, and loving what is coming up for them. Also, radical honesty. Together this takes me out of my ego personas and into my essence of total vulnerability.

How do you reconnect with yourself?

Journaling, Epson salt baths, travel, morning rituals of burning Ground Ritual Incense and practicing my Kundalini Sadhana. Routines. Freedom from a schedule.

What's your favourite sense & why?

It has usually been taste in the past but I’m really opening up my heart into the touch portion. Hugging others for longer. Creating space for deeper connection. Something I myself never learned.