How To Wear Natural Perfume


Wearing a natural perfume is a little different from the synthetics you might be used to. Sure you still spritz or dab, but to enjoy a natural perfume to its full potential requires some education. 

Because natural perfumes don't include chemical scent extenders or preservatives they won't last as long on your skin or in your bathroom cabinet. So what to do? Always apply your perfume to moisturized skin which will help it last up to 30% longer. And to diffuse the scent apply your perfume to your pulse points (neck, wrists, inner elbow, back of knees) where the skin is warmer. 

Store your natural perfume away from light & heat (your bathroom isn't the best idea) and keep the lid on tight. And buy your natural perfumes in small quantities to keep ingredients fresh.

With natural perfume you're the ultimate base note so layer and reapply as you like. Instead of masking your scent they'll softly blend in making each natural perfume unique to you.

Emily L'Ami