Scenting with Seasonal Citrus


Citrus is one of our favorite ways to scent everything from perfume to dessert so we wanted to share a few ideas to bring it into your day.

In perfume we use the twigs, leaves, blossoms and rinds. Sourcing is everything and we look for suppliers that grow wild citrus varieties with complex heirloom scents.

With cooking we use the rinds so buy organic or wash well to remove waxes and sprays. Ask your local farmers market for in-season fruit with high-oil rinds as these will give your dish the greatest depth of fragrance.

Tips & recipes

  • Buy citrus essential oils in small quantities & keep them in your fridge to reduce oxidation
  • For a citrus diffuser blend try adding spice or floral essential oils eg black pepper or ylang ylang 
  • If you love the smell of Earl Grey tea add a couple of drops to organic bergamot oil to your next pot
  • Zest a small amount of a citrus rind into the melted chocolate step of this vegan mousse - you'll be amazed I promise!
Emily L'Ami