City living often feels like a necessary evil, but what if cities are actually an important instrument for our evolution? This is what Paolo Soleri, Italian architect & founder of the archology movement believed. After observing natural systems he realized it's not cities that are the problem, it's the way we're planning them. So he created a new approach called archology, that merges architecture with ecology resulting in dynamic self-supporting cities.

In 1970 Paolo & a bunch of volunteers began building their first archology prototype, Arcosanti. Situated in the Arizona desert Arcosanti is a self-sufficient living archology model with apartments, communal gardens, an amphitheater, lab, casting workshops & pool. Paolo died in 2013 but the community continues to build Arcosanti and for a small fee you can take a tour, stay a night or even do an internship. And if you can't make it to Arizona you can still have your own little piece of Arcosanti with their famous cast wind bells.  

Emily L'Ami