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Erin Verinder, Herbalist & Naturopath

Erin's a herbalist, nutritionist & energetic healer with an international practice operating from the beautiful Blue Mountains. She's a true natural healer - intuitive & compassionate with a deep sense for what someone needs in that moment. 

When do you feel most powerful?

When I am in my flow, the space where there is no resistance and only alignment. When I feel really earthed, yet can feel the connection beyond. When I am listening to my own truths, practicing self love and deep care. I feel very powerful when I acknowledge that I am limitless, that those limitations are merely perceived. 

When do you feel most vulnerable?

In the quiet alone space, when I am processing emotions that require me to dive deep into them. Vulnerability requires radical self love for me to really embrace it all in its uncomfortable glory. Sitting through the uncomfortable and making it out the other side. I have learnt that so much magic comes from venturing into vulnerability.

How do you reconnect with yourself?

For me it’s so important to keep daily rhythms and rituals, it is my medicine. I practice meditation, I eat nourishing food. I slow down. I get into nature, get my feet on/in the earth. I read thought-feel-idea provoking books, I journal my thoughts and feelings. I light Bodha Ground incense many times a day, it is an unspoken signal of welcoming calm connected energy in my home, and is such a small perfect ritual for me I so deeply love. All of the above but the most important reconnection for me is in the simplicity of closing my eyes and taking slow deep grounding breaths in and out.

What's your favourite sense & why?

Gratitude for them all! I am totally perplexed in the task to pick one. Scent transports me,  I perceive touch as the ultimate connector sense, sight is my constant reminder of beauty, sound invokes a depth that is hard to put words to and taste is pure joy for me. The sense beyond, the sixth sense may just be my very favourite as I feel I lean into it more and more, and allow it to guide the way I work and walk in the world. It is such an intrinsic sense that demands for me to grow, trust, heal and allow.