Alison Carroll, Wonder Valley

Alison's the co-founder of cult olive oil & homewares brand Wonder Valley. She's also the epitome of 'simple done well,' inspiring everyone she meets with her magnetic warmth. 

When do you feel most powerful?

When I surprise myself. The most powerful I feel is building our home. There’s so much in that process I never dreamed I could do with my own two hands, skills you just don’t think you can learn. 

When do you feel most vulnerable?

When I feel overwhelmed, that there’s too much to do and not enough of me to do it. It’s hard for me to shut off the to-do lists. It may sound trite, but I have to give myself permission to just to be ok that things are a work in progress and permission to take a day off. 

How do you reconnect with yourself?

Self care is pretty important, and so are daily routines-  each morning I apply the Wonder Valley face oil I make with a little facial massage to release any jaw tension, then try to meditate for 15 minutes, stretching a bit after. Feels great! Also cooking is my time. I like being the matriarch of the house and cook most of our meals. It’s a creative process for me, it’s the antidote to time in front of computers and phones, it’s where I’m most present, it’s an act of love. 

What's your favorite sense & why?

Scent -  the control it has over a space or memory. and you can’t taste without the sense of scent!